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100 Talents Program of CAS

  • Name: Daiqing Zhao
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  • Academic title: Professor
  • Education: Ph.D.
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  • Address No.2,Nengyuan Rd,Wushan,Tianhe District,Guangzhou, China



  • micro-scale combustion theory and technology; oxygenated alternative fuel combustion and unregulated pollutant control; multi-scale combustion strengthening and stabilization; complicated combustion modeling and numerical simulation; recovery technology and device of low-grade waste heat.

    Research on energy policy and energy development strategy: Energy programming and strategies; evaluation of energy-economic and policy measures. Comprehensive analysis and evaluation of sustainable energy technologies: Improvement LCA approach; Construction indicators of sustainable energy system. The study on the diffusion and industrialization of the preferential energy technologies. Countermeasures research to climate change and CDM capacity building.

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