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Faculty and Staff

  • Name: Chuangzhi Wu
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  • Academic title: Professor
  • Education: Institution: Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences Date From/To: 1987.7—1990.3 Degree/Diploma: Master of Engineering
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  • Address No.2,Nengyuan Rd,Wushan,Tianhe District,Guangzhou, China


  • Prof. Wu Born in 1965, worked in GIEC from 1988 to now. He has led a laboratory to study the field of biomass energy for 20 years. His research topics include biomass gasification and pyrolysis, tar cracking for biomass, circulating fluidized bed gasifier and biomass generation system, etc. Recently, their research focuses on the biomass IGCC system and the DME product from biomass synthetical fuel gas. More than 150 research papers have been published and about 20 patents have been turn out by Prof. Wu and his colleagues in the field of biomass.


  • 1. Biomass gasification and generation system

    2. Catalytic cracking tar from biomass

    3. Circulating fluidized bed biomass gasification and generation system model

    4. Applied development of serial products of 4-100ton/day biomass gasifier

    5. Development of biomass gas supplying in medium and small town

    6. Biomass pyrolysis for bio-oil

    7. Biomass gasification for hydrogen 

    8. Biomass plasma gasification

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