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Faculty and Staff

  • Name: Longlong Ma
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  • Academic title: professor
  • Education: Ph.D.
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  • Address No.2,Nengyuan Rd,Wushan,Tianhe District,Guangzhou, China



    2004 –Present  East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai  Ph. D.

    1982-1986     Shengyang University of Technology, Shenyang  BSc


    2002 – Present  Professor, Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion.

    1988-2002  Assistant Professor, Liaolin Institute of Energy Research

    1994-1995     Italy Trisaia research center, senior visitor.

    1986-1988     Assistant, employed by Shenyang University of Technology


    Director, Chinese Biomass Energy Center

    Director, Chinese Solar Energy Association;

    Director committeeman, Committee of Biomass Energy, Chinese Agriculture energy association;

    Director, new energy committee of Chinese energy association.

    Guest professor, Shenyang Agriculture University.


    Ongoing project:

    1.Hosting the national”863”project “ biomass gasification power-generated optimizing system and its demonstration”;

    2.Hosting the Sino-Italy cooperation project “1MW biomass gasification power generation demonstration”

    3.Hosting the Sino-Italy bilateral cooperation project “ biomass power-generated demonstration”

    Project done:

    1.Participated in “study on sealed recycle technology of high-temperature steam condensate and its series of equipment”;

    2.Hosted and finished “sealed steam condensate recycling technology spread”

    3.Hosted and finished national “9th five-year plan” tackle key problem of science and technology, “ energy conversion of straw and staff and comprehensive untilization”

    4.Hosted and finished the project “center gas-supplying system of straw and staff gasification”

    5.Hosted and finished the Sino-Italy cooperation project “biomass gasification power generation and its comprehensive utilization”

    6.F6inished the project from Agriculture Ministry “the northern four-in-one ecotype”


    Five books were written and more than 30 papers were published

    Books edited:

    1.The analysis of Biomass gasification technology and its utilization in China, GoC/ World Bank /GEF, 2005

    2.The principle & Technology of Biomass Gasification utilization, Chemical engineering publishing house, 2004

    3.Biomass gasification technology and its utilization, ISBN 7-5025-4434-8/TQ.1716, Chemical engineering publishing house, 2003

    4.Biomass modern utilization technology, ISBN 7-5025-4390-2/Q.62, Chemical engineering publishing house, 2003

    5.Straw and staff gasification technology, ISBN 7-80163-412-8/X.241, Chinese environment science publishing house, 2002.


    1. The project “the northern four-in-one ecotype” was entitled 2001 agriculture ministry award

    2.“sealed steam condensate recycling system” wined the second award in Liaolin province.

    3. Biomass gasification power generation technology wined “blue sky award”, the globle top ten leading technology in the field of renewable energy .


    1.The way of producing dl-limonene, oil and soot carbon by Vacuum paralysis waste tyre  (Patent No. 200510036930.3O)

    2. The continuous phase separator of bio-diesel and glycerin  ( Patent No. 200620061332.1)

    3. The way of producing bio-diesel with superacid catalyst and Rbatch ( Patent No. 200610036419.8)


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