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    Faculty and Staff
Name Research direction Academic title Subject categories
Professor Professor Waste Treatment and Utilization, Energy Strategy Research
Professor Biomass energy, Thermal Engineering
president of GIEC, CAS professor biomass energy
Chief Scientist of Biomass Energy Research Center Professor Biomass Energy
Professor Combustion, Energy Strategy
Professor Professor Engineering Thermal Physics, Air-Condition
Chief Scientist of Non-carbon Energy Research Center, Director of Solar Energy Lab Professor Solar Energy Materials
Vice Director of GIEC, CAS Professor Gas Hydrate
Director, Laboratory of Advanced Energy Systems Professor Thermal Engineering
Director of Organic Energy Materials Lab Professor Energy Materials
Director of Non-carbon Energy Research Center Professor Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy
Vice Director of GIEC, CAS Professor Waste Treatment and Utilization, Biomass Energy
Director of Ocean Energy Laboratory Professor Ocean energy and fluid dynamics
Deputy Director of Waste Treatment and Utilization Lab Professor Waste Treatment and Utilization
Deputy Director of Biomass Bio-chemical Conversion Lab Professor Biomass Energy
Professor Biomass Energy
Director of Biomass Thermal-chemical Conversion Lab Professor Biomass Energy
Director of Chemical Hydrogen Production Lab Professor Chemical Hydrogen Production, Energy Conservation
Director of Fundamental Research, Natural Gas Hydrate Research Center Professor Natural Gas Hydrate, Chemical Engineering and Thermodynamics
Deputy head of Integration Technology R&D Center Professor Automation and Energy Conservation

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