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Yunhai Li

2003 Ph.D, Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1999 M.S, Crop Breeding, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

1996 B.S, Biology, Henan University.

2003-2008 Postdoctoral fellow, John Innes Centre, UK


Research Interests
The size of determinate plant organs or seeds is coordinately determined by cell proliferation and cell growth. However, the molecular mechanisms that control the final size of seeds and organs are largely unknown, and how plants know their seed and organ size remains unclear in developmental biology. Thus, our lab has applied several complementary approaches to identify key regulators of seed and organ size in the model species rice and Arabidopsis. The major aims of our research are to elucidate molecular mechanisms that control the final size of seeds and organs and improve seed yield in key crops.

Publications (* author for correspondence; # Co-first authors)
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Huang K#, Wang D#, Duan P#, Zhang B, Xu R, Li N, Li Y*. (2017) WIDE AND THICK GRAIN 1, which encodes an otubain-like protease with deubiquitination activity, influences grain size and shape in rice. Plant Journal. doi: 10.1111/tpj.13613.
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Wang J, Tang M, Chen S, Zheng X, Mo H, Li S, Wang Z, Zhu K, Ding L, Liu S, Li Y*, Tan X*. (2017) Down-regulation of BnDA1, whose gene locus is associated with the seeds weight, improves the seeds weight and organ size in Brassica napus.Plant Biotechnology Journal doi: 10.1111/pbi.12696.
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Before 2010
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