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Yiping Tong

1988 Bachelor of Agronomy, Beijing Agricultural University, Beijing, China
1993 Master Degree, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Science (CAS), Beijing, China.
1999 PhD Institute of Genetics and Developmental Sciences (IGDB), Beijing, China.
1988-2004 Research Assistant (1988-1993), Assistant Professor (1993-2002), and Associate Professor (2002-2004), RCEES, CAS, Beijing, China
1992-1993 Waite Institute of Agricultural Research, Adelaide University, South Australia
2001-2002 Visiting Scholarship, Rothamsted Research, Harpendon, Herts, UK
2004-2006 Associate Professor, IGDB, CAS, Beijing, China
2006-present, Principle investigator, IGDB, CAS, China

(1) Identifying QTL/genes regulating nitrogen and phosphorus use in wheat
(2) Molecular breeding of wheat varieties with improved nitrogen and phosphorus use efficiency


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