Title First Author Publication Name PubYear,Volume, Issue, Page number
Petrogenesis of the Permian intermediate-mafic dikes in the Chinese Altai, NW China: implication for a post-accretion extensional scenario JOURNAL OF GEOLOGY 2016 124  481-500
Determining the ecological water allocation in a hyper-arid catchment with increasing competition for water resources GLOBAL AND PLANETARY CHANGE 2016 145  143-152
Highly Arid Oasis Yield, Soil Mineral N Accumulation and N Balance in a Wheat-Cotton Rotation with Drip Irrigation and Mulching Film Management PLoS One 2016 11 10 1-17
Crustal nature and origin of the Russian Altai: Implications for the continental evolution and growth of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) TECTONOPHYSICS 2016 674  182-194
A bHLH gene from Tamarix hispida improves abiotic stress tolerance by enhancing osmotic potential and decreasing reactive oxygen species accumulation TREE PHYSIOLOGY 2016 36  193-207
Biocontrol potential of Trichoderma harzianum isolate T-aloe against Sclerotinia sclerotiorum in soybean PLANT PHYSIOLOGY AND BIOCHEMISTRY 2016 100  64-74
Himalayan uplift shaped biomes in Miocene temperate Asia: evidence from leguminous Caragana Scientific Reports 2016 36528 6 1-7
Overexpression of ScALDH21 gene in cotton improves drought tolerance and growth in greenhouse and field conditions MOLECULAR BREEDING 2016 36 34 1-13
Life span and structure of ephemeral root modules of different functional groups from a desert system NEW PHYTOLOGIST 2016 211  103-112
Statistical downscaling of CMIP5 multi-model ensemble for projected changes of climate in the Indus River Basin ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH 2016 178  138-149
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