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Haibao Duan
Highest Education  
  Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, P. R. China
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Education and Appointments:

Professor Haibao Duan
    Office: Room 616, Si Yuan Building 
    E-Mail: dhbATmath.ac.cn
Research Interests: Geometric Topology
Representative Research Works:

1. Haibao Duan, Self-maps of the Grassmannian of Complex Structures, Compositio Math. ,132: 159-175, 2002, [SCI].

2. Xu An Zhao, Haibao Duan, A Mathematica Program for the Degrees of Certain Schubert Varieties, J. Symbolic Computation, 33(2002), 507-517, [SCI].

3. Haibao Duan,  Piotr Pragacz, Divided differences of type D and the Grassmannian of complex structures, pp.31-59, 2003.

4. Haibao Duan, Shicheng Wang, The degrees of maps between manifolds, Math. Z., 224, pp.67-89, 2003.[S]

5. Haibao Duan, On the inverse Kostka matrix, Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series(A), 103, pp.363-376, 2003.[S]

6. Haibao Duan,  Multiplicative rule of Schubert class, Invent. Math., vol.159, no.2, pp.407-436, 2005.

7. Haibao Duan, Chao Liang, Circle bundles over 4-manifolds, Arch. Math., 85, pp.278-282, 2005.

8. Haibao Duan, Zhao XA , The height function on the 2-dimensional cohomology of a flag manifold., J. Lie Theory, vol.15, pp.219-226, 2005.

9. Haibao Duan, Morse functions and cohomology of homogeneous spaces, Topics in cohomological studies of algebraic varieties, 105--133, Trends Math. Birkhäuser, Basel, 2005.

10. Haibao Duan, Self-maps of the Grassmannian of oriented 2-planes in Euclidean space,  Proceedings of the international conference on the homotopy theory and related topics, Korea University press, 77-80, 2005.


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