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Title Authors Corresponding Author Title of Journal Year Volume Number Page
Focused information criterion and model averaging for generalized additive partial linear models Zhang Xinyu Zhang Xinyu 2011 39 174-200
Nonautonomous matter waves in a waveguide Yan Zhemya Yan Zhemya 2011 84 6
Vector financial rogue waves Yan Zhemya Yan Zhemya 2011 375 29 42-74
Exact solutions of nonlinear dispersive K(m,n) model with variable coefficients Yan Zhemya Yan Zhemya 2011 217 1
An asymptotics look at the generalized inference Xiong Shifeng Xiong Shifeng 2011 102 336-348
Quality improvement in competing supply chains Xie Gang Xie Gang 2011 134 1 262-270
Optimal βk-stable interval in VPRS-based group decision-making: A further application Xie Gang Xie Gang 2011 38 11 13757-13763
Risk based selection of cleaner products in a green supply chain Xie Gang Xie Gang 2011
Quality investment and price decision in a risk-averse supply chain Xie Gang Xie Gang 2011 214 2 403-410
Subsconstituents of orthogonal graphs of odd characteristic Wan Zhexian Wan Zhexian 2011 434 2430-2447
Understanding College Students’ Thought toward Social Events by Qualitative Meta-Synthesis Technologies Tang Xijin Tang Xijin 2011 2 4 15-30
Ciphertext-only attack against the Cai-Cusick lattice-based public-key cryptosystem Pan Yanbin Deng Yingpu 2011 57 3 1780-1785
Automata theory based on lattice ordered semiring Lu Xian Shang Yun 2011 15 269-280
The proportion of leaders needed for the expected consensus Liu Zhixin Liu Zhixin 2011 47 2697-2703
A unified framework for population-based metaheuristics Liu Bo Liu Bo 2011 186 1 231-262
Distributed consensus with limited communication data rate Li Tao Li Tao 2011 56 2 279-292
Distributed consensus over digital networks with limited bandwidth and time-varying topologies Li Tao Li Tao 2011 47 2006-2075
A MSE-reduced estimator for the response proportion in a two-stage clinical trial Li Qizhai Li Qizhai 2011 10 3 277-279
Vulnerability Analysis Approach to Capturing Information System Safety Threats and Requirements Oluwasefunmi Arogundade 2011 5 4 85-98
An accuracy assessment viewer for haplotype assembly using massively parallel DNA- sequencing technologies Nucl Jong Hyun Kim Li Lei 2011

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